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Espiro Miloo

Meet Miloo - a premium stroller that combines elegance, unique design and above-average functionality. It is an avant-garde classic that proves that it is possible to create a universal compact stroller that will electrify the market. The exclusivity of the collection did not leave anyone indifferent.

Created by Polish designers and constructors, it is an example of a masterpiece of applied art, where design is as important as functionality, and rich equipment is more than just an addition. The unique aspects that distinguish Miloo from other strollers create an original message and the most beautiful story about being a parent.

Miloo is a portal to a new, parental reality. Life is an art of choice.
When choosing Miloo, we focus on what is most important in life and art: above-average, extraordinary, phenomenal experiences.

Extremely light frame. Ultra-light, compact, weighing only 7.4, the structure creates an inseparable whole with the Miloo stroller. Just as the frame surrounds the work of art, the construction of the stroller gives the whole uniqueness.
Innovative folding system. It proves that classic elegance can lead a dialogue with modernity. It perfectly dampens the vibrations that naturally occur during handling. This makes carrying the frame much more comfortable.
Additional carrycot vibration stabilizer. A unique addition that emphasizes the perfection of the latest model. A symbol of Miloo's refinement down to the smallest detail and a guarantee of luxury travelling.
Triple ventilation. Guaranteeing the comfort that lovers of applied arts strive for.
Stylish and functional, very ergonomic and intuitive system for safely detaching the carrycot from the frame.
Elegant models demand style in every detail. A high-quality mosquito net guarantees your child's comfort and creates perfection in every detail.
Extremely soft insert. The perfect solution for luxury mode.
Modern canopy height adjustment system. The answer to the needs of those who appreciate the luxury of original solutions.
Magnetic buckle. Functionality dressed in style.
Belt protectors with special protection against slipping. Synonymous with safety and full comfort.
Double-sided seat. A solution to make every journey more complete.
Miloo is applied art at its finest, thanks to the design of the extra-long 97 cm seat.
There are extras that stand out for their quality. This is exactly what the weather shield is; it perfectly protects the entire pram from rain. The quick-access element makes it even more desirable.
An elegant bag completes the look, being the artistic final touch.
Set of bags - an elegant outer one and functional inner one with a waterproof zip.
The ultra-lightweight frame, weighing just 7.4 kg, is made with the precision typical of timeless solutions.
A timeless classic, the telescopic handle made from the finest quality materials, adds to Miloo's chic and timeless elegance.
A dual-purpose basket that meets the most demanding expectations.
Attention to details that combine design and pragmatism, such as the automatic locking device that prevents the folded frame from unfolding on its own.
Additions with a sense of character that underline the artistry of Miloo. They make every journey more beautiful and even more unique. With excellent cushioning, there is no question of travelling in discomfort.
Tyres with a tread ensure a comfortable trip and the joy of experiencing life as the most beautiful of arts.

Set includes:

• The hot & cool collar in the carrycot, inspired by concern for the baby's thermal comfort, creates the perfect travelling space.

• The adapters that raise the carrycot.

• Thr carrycot cover.

• Mattress with removable, washable bamboo cover with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

• Lift and go quick one-hand folding system and shock absorbing carrying system.

• The modern-looking frame that can be stored vertically when folded, so it takes up little space, is a combination of beauty and functionality.

• The seat of the pram.

• Ergonomic and soft seat insert.

• 360-degree rotating barrier.

• The cup holder.

• The sleeping bag - cover.

• Set of perfectly matching raincovers for carrycot and stroller.

• Set of perfectly matching mosquito nets for carrycot and stroller.

• Practical bag included with the basket.

• A set of bags to match each pram fabric colour scheme. The attachment strap can also be moved from the large bag to the smaller one.

• Small bag inside of the bigger one with a practical waterproof zipper.

• Car seat adapters (sold epearately).
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